With the use of cutting-edge laser beam analysis tools, we are able to take cross sections of laser beams and interoperate our findings. This can assist in fault rectification for optics and laser sources for any application and many power levels.

In the images we are able to see the Prime FM+ set up under the cutting head and ready for analysis. We can then see in the output of the FM+ an obvious obstruction on some of the sample planes. This is disrupting the power density of the beam at the focus point preventing the machine from producing a quality cut. Using our knowledge and expertise we quickly see that there is an optical problem inside the cutting head. We then dismantle the head and in the final image we can see there is a small speck of dirt on the optic.

This is just one of the many ways we can use sophisticated beam analysis tools for troubleshooting, verification and monitoring. Understanding these analytical technologies means we are able to provide our clients with professional, thorough and efficient fault rectification.