We specialise in the retrofit of medium to high power Co2 and Fiber lasers.

New generation CO2 fast flow lasers are used on many of the world’s leading brands of laser machines, and are the ideal laser to rejuvenate an older machine in otherwise good working order.

Customers value the alternative options given to them by Industrial Laser when a system has a major costly laser failure.

We have offered Rofin Slab users options that include renting a replacement laser and upgrading with a new higher power laser source. Both of these options were beter priced and quicker to implement.

Industrial Laser buy, refurbish, rent and sell used Rofin SM, Slab lasers and all models of PRC lasers .

We specialise in the supply, retrofitting and ongoing support of the new low cost, low maintenance PRC laser sources from 1 to 6 kW.