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Laser Cutting Systems

Cincinnati Inc CO2 and Fiber laser cutting machines boast the heaviest duty construction in the business to maintain speed, accuracy and edge quality throughout the life of the machine, and to withsta...

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Marking & Engraving

LOGO, a new experience for the end-user: you buy, install and use it without training.

“All in one” Marking laser for objects with F160 focusing lens for a marking area 10...

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Industrial Laser are experts in Co2, Fiber and Yag lasers from 10Watts to 50kW from leading brands such as IPG and PRC

IPG Photonics is the leading developer and manufacturer of high-...

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Additive Manufacturing

Laser metal Fusion is an additive manufacturing process that uses a 3D CAD file, as a source of digital information, and energy in the form of a high power laser beam, to realize three dimension...

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Process Heads

We offer cutting, welding and clading heads for C02 and Fibre, 2D and 3D applications. Seam tracking and keyhole depth monitoring are just some of the fuctions available on our welding heads. View More

Beam Monitoring

Primes is the leading supplier of laser diagnostic equipment for measuring the focused and unfocused beam characteristics of CO2, fiber and diode lasers in situ for industrial and scientific app...

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