Defense Manufacturing

Defence Manufacturing at Industrial Laser Solutions

Designing and producing high - powered industrials laser for the Australian defence manufacturing industry.
Looking for a laser solution that can cut through metals and materials with exceptional precision? Industrial Laser Solutions offers a range of products that can cater to most of your defence applications. 

With our high-powered industrial lasers for defence applications, we help manufacturers create better, more effective weapons and systems for their clients. Our lasers have been used widely - from cutting through armour and missile casings to welding and joining metal parts for aircraft and spacecraft.

With our commitment to innovation and excellence, we will continue to make important contributions to the Australian defence manufacturing industry for years to come.

Our Contribution to Australian Defence Manufacturing

Precision Targeting

Manufacturers can develop high-precision targeting systems for missiles and other weapons with our precision lasers. By cutting through metal with incredible accuracy, we can create small, lightweight weapons that target long distances with minimal collateral damage.

Manufacturing Precision Parts

Faster and more efficient aircraft and spacecraft design. Our lasers are used to cut and weld metal to create parts that are incredibly strong and lightweight parts.


Disrupt incoming missiles and other projectiles with our high-end lasers - rendering them harmless before they hit their intended targets.


Detect and identify adversarial weapons by shining laser beams on them to accurately determine their size, shape, and composition. Our lasers are used to provide valuable intelligence to military personnel.

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