Laser Cutting Nozzles Supply

Industrial Laser Solutions is your reliable source for high-quality laser cutting nozzles and consumables.  

What is a laser nozzle?

Nozzles are commonly found on the laser head of a fibre laser. They are crucial to your sheet metal cutting process. 

The nozzle emits laser beams and high-pressure air, as well as assist with the rapid ejection of gas.

Why should you replace your cutting nozzles?

Nozzles undergo heavy wear and tear during the cutting process because of their location at the tip of the laser head, as well as being close to the sheet metal.

Because a nozzle controls the area and amount of gas diffusion while cutting, they should be replaced regularly as they affect the cut's quality and working time.

What to look for when choosing a laser cutting nozzle? 

There are two general parameters you should look out for when choosing a nozzle - the Layer and the Caliber. Here’s a general rule on how to select the Calibre based on material thickness

Material Thickness (mm) 

Nozzle Diameter (mm)
<3   ~1.5
3-10  ~2
>10 ~2.5

Nozzles usually come in single or double layers. The type of layer you choose depends on what gas you will primarily use in the cutting process - typically Air, Oxygen, or Nitrogen.
Additionally, the gas you select will also depend on the type of material you cut. Here’s a table on how to select the best nozzle Layer depending on your gas and material.

Layer type       

 Auxiliary Gas
 Air or Nitrogen   
 Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel
 Carbon Steel, Aluminium

*These rules are used as a guide only. Individual results may vary.

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A laser cutting machine is a significant investment, so you should source the right consumables to maximise your machine’s usage and longevity.

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