Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing at Industrial Laser Solutions

Helping companies transform and innovate with high-powered industrial manufacturing laser solutions. 
The manufacturing and industrial sectors require lasers that can help them achieve higher levels of efficiency, precision, and productivity. With many competitors in the market, it’s crucial that manufacturers stay ahead in their production line, minimise costs, and increase efficiency. 

Industrial Laser Solutions specialise in designing, developing, and manufacturing laser solutions for different industrial applications. Our high-powered industrial laser systems empower manufacturers to improve their productivity in various applications such as cutting, drilling, marking, and welding various materials. 

So whether you require a small and portable model or a larger-scale model for heavy-duty operations, we’ll provide you with a solution that can transform how you operate and manufacture products. 

Our Contribution to the Manufacturing Industries
Cutting and Drilling

Operators use our high-precision lasers to create intricate components and parts by cutting and drilling a wide range of materials - such as metals, plastics, and composites.

Marking and Engraving

Manufacturers can create high-quality labels and logos by using our industrial lasers for marking and engraving metals, plastics, and ceramics.


Our industrial lasers are used for welding materials such as metals and plastics with high precision and accuracy - allowing manufacturers to create high-quality and durable products.

Our Contribution to the Industrial Sector
Cutting and Drilling

Operators in the construction, mining, and oil and gas industries use our high precision and accuracy lasers for cutting and drilling - resulting in cost savings and productive workflows

Surface Treatment

Businesses can effectively prepare materials for further processing or use with our lasers’ surface treatment capabilities, such as cleaning, stripping, and coating.

Additive Manufacturing

Our high-accuracy and precision lasers empower industrial companies to create complex parts and components in record times.

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