Ceramic Rings Supply

Get high-quality ceramic rings for Prytec Fibre Laser Systems at Industrial Laser Solutions.  

What are ceramic rings?

A ceramic ring has a diameter of 32 mm and is located on the cutting head of a laser machine. It works by sending an electrical signal from the laser head model to the signal cable during cutting. 

Ceramic rings optimise cutting by keeping the nozzle at a precise distance from the sheet metal - making them a crucial component for your laser.  

When should you replace your ceramic rings?

Sometimes, we may use an incorrect nozzle during the cutting process. This can cause significant damage to the ceramic ring. 

You should regularly check your ceramic ring for signs of damage and wear, and replace them to avoid poor cutting quality. 

What to look for when choosing a ceramic ring?

It’s important that you choose a high-quality ceramic ring for your laser. A ceramic ring made with good-quality stainless steel parts and conductive silver glue is your best bet in ensuring its durability, even in the toughest cutting jobs.

Looking for a laser ceramic ring? Choose Industrial Laser Solutions!

A laser cutting machine is a significant investment, so you should source the right consumables to maximise your machine’s usage and longevity.

At Industrial Laser Solutions, we specialise in supplying high-quality laser cutting machine consumables to businesses of all sizes. Our range of products includes laser lenses, mirrors, nozzles, cartridges, regulators, and filters. 

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