Prectic Laser Welding Heads

Sold in over 100 countries worldwide, Precitec Laser Welding Systems offer a broad range of use in the automotive, 3D printing, and lightweight construction industries.

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    The CoaxPrinter is a flexible laser welder that can be used for 3D printing, prototype construction, and wear protection. From filigree structures to more complex 3D shapes, it can process many different wire materials, including cored wires.


  • Wide range of uses in additive manufacturing
  • Non-porous layers can be applied in any direction
  • Large process window that allows fluctuations in working parameters such as working distance
  • 100%% material utilisation with the coaxial wire feed
  • Low purchasing costs of wire material
  • High welding process speeds of up to 5 m per min
  • Lower targeted heat input compared to conventional welding, which significantly receded component distortion
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    With a laser power of up to 8 kW, the NexoWeder is an efficient and economical laser welding head. Its medium power range offers exceptional productivity with minimal downtime.


  • Consistent speed and weld quality¬†
  • Optimised temperature management, minimal power loss and low focus shift guarantee¬†
  • Monolithic design and highly effective CrossJets ensure first-class productivity with low downtime
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Weldmaster 4.0 Scan&Track

The WeldMaster 4.0 Scan&Track helps you automate your welding process through a combination of tracking and intelligent beam guidance. Its tracking system measures and calculates important geometric variables in the welding position, such as the component position as well as the joining position and gap. It then processes the values by the system control and control beam guidance using galvanometer scanners.

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  • Get stable welding processes and consistent quality, even on components with tolerances
  • Achieve reproducible seams for your welding process through automated controls¬†
  • Optimised seams with increased strength or increased electrical conductivity
  • Fast and high-precision joint measurement to ensure correct welding position at all times

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