Precitec 3D Metrology

State-of-the-art precision measurement for a wide range of industries. Precitec offers high-end, automated 3D Metrology Solutions to speed up production and minimise errors.

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Point Sensors

CHRocodile point sensors can measure topographies, form tolerances, and roughness on any kind of surface and material.

  •  Affordable, state-of-the-art confocal sensor
  •  Effective on curved, uneven and rough surfaces
  •  Compact dimensions and lightweight
  •  Precise and stable measurements on any material
  •  No shadowing effects
  • Perfect for inline measurements
  • Works on all kinds of surfaces and materials
  • Precise measurements at high angles
  • Wide measuring range
  • Works efficiently on different surfaces
  •  Ultra-fast
  • Cost efficient
  • Optoelectronics and optical probe in a single housing
  • Non-contact measurement of plastic wall thickness
  •  Small and compact design
  • Precise results
  • Lightweight and works on all types of coatings
  • High precision and repeatability operations  

Enovasense point sensors efficiently measure the thickness of opaque and semi-opaque coatings using laser photothermal technology.

Line Sensors

The CHRocodile CLS line scan sensor delivers ultra-precise data on the distance and layer thickness of the sample along a line. Its fast line scanning capabilities are ideal for 3D inline inspection in industrial manufacturing applications.

CHRocodile CLS 2 high speed 3D confocal line sensor

  • High speed and precision 
  • Made for a broad, flexible range of measuring task
  • No shadowing 
  • High point density
  • Next-generation 3D confocal line sensor


CHRocodile CLS | CLS HS

  • No shadowing effects
  • Outstanding lateral resolution of up to 1 µm
  • High numerical aperture probes for mirror-like surfaces and scattering surfaces
  • High speed

Multipoint Sensors

Precitec’s multipoint sensors can simultaneously measure layer thicknesses or distances in multiple positions using chromatic confocal measurement technology, making them suitable for large-scale objects or flat glass.

CHRocodile 2

  • Can be used for a wide range of applications
  • Direct output results
  • Cost efficient
  •  Flexible optical probe for various needs

CHRocodile MPS 2L

  • Can replace up to 24 individual measuring channels
  • Flexible in any combination of point and line measuring probes
  • Set dedicated point and line probes for specific measuring tasks

CHRocodile MPS sensor family

  • Solve multiple measuring tasks simultaneously
  • Cost efficient
  • Can distribute a large number of point probes on a measured object

Area Scan Sensors

Precitec’s area scan sensor features an ultra-precise interferometric point sensor with flexible 2D scanner optics to improve your quality control. 

Flying spot Scanner 310

  • Prism Award Winner 2023
  • No additional axis or precision hardware needed
  •  Ultra-fast scanner for short cycle times
  •  Measures bow, warp, TTV & quality inspection of wafers in a single scan

CHRocodile 2

  • Wide measuring range
  •  Works efficiently on different surfaces
  • Ultra-fast

Flying Spot Scanner

  • Replaces X-Y motion system
  • Cost and time savings
  • Scanning path customisation for any kind of material

2D Camera

Precitc’s 2D Camera offers an extremely high depth of field and maintains a high lateral resolution compared to conventional microscope cameras - saving you valuable inspection times. 

CHRocodile CVC

  •  High speed and  lateral resolution
  • High depth of field with no autofocus needed
  • Up to seven interchangeable probes for every possible measuring task
  • High contrast ratio on all types of material
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Medical EyeTracking

Precitec’s Medical EyeTracking helps doctors complete successful refractive laser-supported eye surgery. With increased customisation capacities and high-quality results, it is a superior eye-tracking solution for laser-assisted eye surgery.

Precitec Medical EyeTracker

  • 2D tracking at 1,350 Hz, 3D tracking up to 500 Hz, and 6D tracking at up to 250 Hz
  •  Proactively follows a patient’s eye movements with precision and minimal delays
  • Highly accurate
  • Data compliant with advanced data monitoring features
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