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Top-notch laser cutting solutions specific to the scientific and medical industries. Take your research and treatments a step further with IPG Laser.

Shop the range of IPG scientific laser cutters at Industrial Laser Solutions. 

    YLP Series

    The YLP Series by IPG Laser is designed to cover a wide range of materials processing and micromachining applications. With excellent beam quality, pointing stability, and low divergence, these pulsed fibre lasers can process almost any type of material, including transparent and reflective ones. 

    Choose from the following YLS Series fibre laser at Industrial Laser Solutions:

  • YLPN Series: Nanosecond fibre lasers for most industrial application processing
  • YLPP Series: Picosecond fibre lasers that provide high peak power with a scalable average power of up to 100 W. It also offers a short pulse duration of 1-3 ps at a full operational frequency range of 50-2000 kHz
  • YLPF Series: Femtosecond lasers with high peak power and a scalable average output power of up to 50 W. It offers a short pulse duration of <500 fs in a full operational repetition rate range of 50-2000 kHz


  • Wide range of use that includes marking and engraving, selective material removal, precision texturing and ablation, micro cutting, scribing and hold drilling
  • Able to fully optimise job quality and throughput
  • Micromachining capabilities on virtually any material type Flexible operating parameters. Choose between fixed pulse duration, variable programmable pulse durations, and burst mode for ultrafast models
  • YLP models cover output power from 5 to 300 W, pulse duration range from 400 fs to 1.5 μs, and pulse repetition rate range from 1 kHz to 10 MHz
  • Maintenance-free design and highly energy efficient
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    Green Fibre Lasers

    IPG’s Green Fiber Lasers are highly versatile and reliable, making them a great choice in the materials processing markets such as medical device, solar, and electronics manufacturing. Industrial Laser offers customers both GLPN High Pulse Energy Green Lasers or VLM and VLR High Power Green Lasers.

  • GLPN-M/GLPN-R: Three-pulse burst capability laser that’s best suited for ablation, microcutting & scribing, microdrilling, texturing, marking, and other micromachining
  • VLM-532 and VLR-532: Winner of the Prism Award that offers a high repetition rate, unrivalled performance, and an output power of up to 500 W
  • Features

  • 532 nm wavelength with 515 - 540 nm wavelengths available upon request
  • 3-burst pulsed mode
  • High peak power and performance
  • Compact and efficient to boost productivity
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    UV Marking Module

    The UV Marking Module integrates IPG’s new generation UV pulsed fibre laser with a 2-axis scanning system in a cost-effective package. This intergration not only brings ease and flexibility to laser marking integrators and OEMs, but it is also optimised and pre-calibrated to help integrators enhance their laser marking products.


  • High marking speeds at a superior quality due to the IPG laser’s high pulse energy and the positioning accuracy of the scanning sub-module
  • Completely integrated marking module
  • Unrivalled tracking delay
  • Calibrated scan field
  • Detachable scan-head for easy service
  • Broad range of material processing capabilities with a 355 nm wavelength
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