Laser Protective Windows Supply

Get high-quality replacement protective windows or lenses for Prytec Fibre Laser Systems at Industrial Laser Solutions.

What are protective lenses?

Protective lenses, or protective windows, protect the focal and collimating lenses inside the laser head. 

This lens is usually placed between the lens and the metal sheet to shield it from material splatter and debris while cutting. 

Why should you replace your protective lens?

Considering the price of the focal lens and collimating lens, a protective lens is an inexpensive method to protect your laser optics system.

Generally, you should consider replacing your protective lens once daily - especially during heavy use periods. This avoids lens contamination and ensures your laser performs optimally with lesser downtime. 

What to look for when choosing a protective lens?

Check the diameter and thickness of your focal or collimating lens before getting a protective window. Here are the types of protective lens and their suitability: 

  • PLS-FS-Prot Lns post coll: Post focusing lens protective window (27.9 Diameter, 4.1mm thick)
  • PLS-FS-Prot Lns pre coll: Pre collimating protective window (24.9mm Diameter, 1.5mm thick)

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A laser cutting machine is a significant investment, so you should source the right consumables to maximise your machine’s usage and longevity.

At Industrial Laser, we specialise in supplying high-quality laser cutting machine consumables to businesses of all sizes. Our range of products includes laser lenses, mirrors, nozzles, cartridges, regulators, and filters. 

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