Cincinnati Press Brakes

Bend metal easily with one of the best machines in the world. Cincinnati Press Brakes are well known for their reliability and durability.

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    Autoform Series (Autoform+, AFX)

    The Autoform series is Cincinnati’s best-selling brake, with 32 base models and a wide range of die surfaces and tonnages. This press brake is best suited for those wanting a productive machine in a demanding work environment. No matter what your needs are, there’s always an Autoform that’s made for you. 


  • Autoform+’s ram repeatability is consistent with a maximum forming speed within ± 0.01016mm along the entire length of the press brake
  • Don’t need too much customisation? Look no further than the simple but powerful AFX
  • PC-based, touchscreen, and user-friendly controls
  • The Autoform+’s Dynamic Thickness Compensation automatically adjust for variations in material thickness to produce the best air bend angle
  • Designed with the best integrity, drive, and innovation from Cincinnati
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    Baseform Series

    Looking for a press brake on a budget? Then Cincinnati’s Baseform series is a press brake that gets the job done without breaking the bank. It’s best suited for those getting started in metal bending but still need  a  reliable machine for their project.


  • Comprehensive tool library for first time press brake users
  • Comes with a versatile 24-inch range backgage
  • Solid welded frame that lasts for years
  • Choose your own air bend angle and calculate the necessary depth penetration
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    Goform Series

    Portable and productive. The Goform Series is a press brake machine with an electric drive system for energy efficiency. Its portable and compact size makes it a perfect choice for those with limited floor space.


  • Fully portable and can be lifted with a fork truck
  • Can be operated without hydraulic oil in clean rooms
  • Fully adjustable pass line and control
  • Built with a 254mm stroke and 6-axis backgauge for versatility
  • Made with planetary roller screw design for be
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