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Why waste time when you can automate your workspace?Cincinnati’s automation services can take your business to new levels of efficiency.

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    The Roboform Automated Bending Cell is a press brake upgrade that helps you get work done without an operator. It’s also a safe option for the workspace with functionalities that enables it to slows down or shuts down when someone is nearby.


  • Dual inbound tables for blanks up to 406mm x 406mm or a single inbound table for blanks up to 610mm x 610mm and a 9kg part weight limit
  • Can be adjusted to automated or manual mode
  • Stacks parts in ready-to-ship holders or pallets that are easily moved to another area
  • Can be added to a new Cincinnati press brake or retrofitted onto an existing one
  • Built-in area scanners allow it to slow down to 10% speed when a worker crosses its safety zone, or shut off completely if that person gets closer
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    Cobotic 100T Robotic Welding Cell

    The COBOTIC 100T is a user-friendly automated tig welder for your business that simplifies the most laborious tasks. Equipped with safety features, touchscreen controls, and a simple interface, it’s a productivity solution like no other.


  • Simple and easy-to-use commands
  • Autonomous shape-detecting without any programming necessary
  • Its UR5e collaborative robot with six axes and six rotating DoF joints offers a +0.03mm (0.001 in) precision and payload
  • Compact structure volume and limited weight for easy handling
  • First robotic cell for TIG welding with a working range of 2400 mm x 1200 mm
  • Maximum robot arm and workspace use with an axis on the robot and a 7th axis of 1800 mm that works in synchrony
  • Designed with 17 advanced, adjustable safety devices
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