IPG Laser for EV Laser

Stay ahead of your electric vehicle operations by using the most promising IPG laser welding and battery manufacturing technologies.

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YLS-AMB Adjustable Mode Beam Lasers is a highly effective tool that can increase your productivity in cutting, welding, and additive manufacturing. It has superior capabilities in delivering the highest total power in the market with the widest range of beam mode parameters on the market.

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  • Improves processing quality of thick and thin materials through increased piercing and cutting speeds
  • Suitable on any metal, including mild steel, stainless, Ti, Cu, and brass
  • High performance on EV applications such as body in white, drivetrains and e-mobility such as Al battery enclosures and battery tabs
  • Beam modes can be independently programmed to various combinations of small-spot and high-intensity bright core or larger ring-shaped beams.
  • Eliminates spatter, cracking and porosity during high-speed welding
  • Suitable for electric vehicle battery welding
  • Includes high peak power and single mode core option
  • Fitted with direct output or integrated beam couplers and beam switches


    LDD-700 is IPG’s weld monitoring system that uses Inline Coherent Imaging (ICI) to provide superior levels of detail and accuracy for laser weld monitoring. It uses a low-power IR laser beam to gauge distances, which is fired right at the bottom of the keyhole to record depth in real time.


  • Get the geometric measurement of weld penetration without destroying the weld part
  • Multi-factor monitoring
  • Direct weld penetration with real-time records
  • Integrate seamlessly with IPG beam delivery
  • Active process control with automatic PASS/FAIL assessment
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    UV Marking Module

    The UV Marking Module integrates IPG’s new generation UV pulsed fibre laser with a 2-axis scanning system in a cost-effective package. This integration not only brings ease and flexibility to laser marking integrators and OEMs, it’s also optimised and pre-calibrated to help integrators enhance their laser marking products.


  • High marking speeds at a superior quality due to the IPG laser’s high pulse energy and the positioning accuracy of the scanning sub-module
  • Completely integrated marking module
  • Unrivalled tracking delay
  • Calibrated scan field
  • Detachable scan-head for easy service
  • Broad range of material processing capabilities with a 355 nm wavelength
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EV-Cube Battery Module Welding System

The EV-Cube Battery Module Welding Systems are fully automated, turnkey welding solutions that effectively weld busbars to cells in battery modules. Accelerate your welding process and EV production with IPG’s knowledge system, programming expertise and tooling design.

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  • Minimal laser welding experience required to operate
  • Fast laser welding with typical welding speeds of 3 cells per second
  • Highly configurable turnkey system
  • Fully integrated control software with single user interface for simple operation
  • Large selection of components which includes single-mode and multi-mode beam options for any application
  • Optional real-time weld depth measurement for accurate verification of weld depth into the Li-ion cell casing
  • Platform configurations for typical battery cell application

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