Prectic Laser Cutting Heads

Stable and reliable. Precitec Laser Cutting Heads are some of the best in the business. Minimise rework with our range of Precitec solutions.

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ProCutter Thor

The ProCutter Thor is a 2D laser cutting head that’s reliable and permanently stable, even in the most demanding jobs. In addition, its one-piece housing is entirely dust-tight and will work well for long-term use.


ProCutter Thunder

    Ideal for medium-power laser cutting operations, the ProCutter Thunder is a cutting head that offers precision and stability - be it for flatbed or 3D cutting. The cutting head is available in both 2D and 3D versions, with the 2D version being most suitable for integration into flatbed and simple tube and profile cutting systems, and the 3D version commonly used in professional tube and profile cutting systems and in demanding free-form application


  • Highly dynamic drive for minimum production times and flexibility
  • Excellent results in processing different material thicknesses
  • Easy and quick maintenance
  • Ultra-stable and drift-free distance sensor system for high cutting-edge quality
  • Quick and easy optics access for low service time and costs
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ProCutter 2.0

    The ProCutter 2.0 offers excellent performance through automation. Its high reliability and strong load capacity are ahead of its time, capable of working with a maximum later power of up to 40 kW. 


  • Increased productivity with high-quality and high speed. The cutting head reduces payback periods and reworks
  • Up to 25% increase in speed from predecessor
  • Optimised design with sophisticated cooling concept and extended travel paths
  • Compact, lightweight and suitable for bevel cutting
  • Intelligent sensors are integrated into the cutting head to monitor the condition of components and cutting paramete
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ProCutter Zoom 2.0

An all-rounder laser cutting head for flatbed systems, the ProCutter Zoom 2.0 provides a flexible and optimised performance where space is limited. It’s capable of cutting materials in all forms of thickness for laser powers up to 12 kW. 


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