Effortless Clean-Up

The Slat Shark is designed to remove the toughest slag and dross build-up from your fibre-optic (or CO2) laser.


In standard working condition, the Slat Shark’s HSS cutters clean 16 linear miles on average - ensuring maximum operational life with minimal replacements. 

Cutters can be purchased for a variety of slat thickness.

Effortless movement across the table

Take your cleaning to a new level of efficiency thanks to the Slat Shark’s winch system that spans a full 3m x 1.5m on the table. Its innovative design lets you easily clean the table in less than 10 minutes!

Single Operator Convenience

A motorised and patented system with controlled traction device allows for single-operator handling with minimal effort.

Better System. Better Cleaning.

Reduce overall vibrations while keeping your slats in place! The Slat Shark’s rotating cleaning heads stay straight and grind from the bottom up.

With its High-Speed Steel (HSS) components, the Slat Shark offers a superior grinding life of over 25 km - longer than hardened steel alternatives.

OSHA Approved 

    Ergonomically designed to minimise strain on his hands and upper body, making it safe and OSHA-approved.

    Benefits of the Slat Shark

  • Removes over 90% of the slag accumulation without grinding the flat surface
  • Cleaner operation table
  • Reduces downtime
  • Reduces operator workload
  • Increased slat life and efficiency
  • Improves quality of laser cuts
  • Works on any support slats and even on selected plasma tables.
  • Safer, easier and faster to use

Slat Thickness

  1. Type .2mm
  2. Type .3mm
  3. Type .4mm

Operational Speeds

  1. Grid Conditions                         1.  28 metres per minute        
  2. Light                                           2. 13.5 metres per minute
  3. Moderate                                   3. 8.5 metres per minute
  4. Heavy
  5. Fwd Travel Speed


  • Power: 10A -240V 50Hz required
  • Minimum 58 PSI air connection
  • 12 months warranty included
  • CE certified & patented